Oh TWO-odles, Brayden is 2!

Another amazing, crazy fun, busy year has flown by and we have just celebrated our sweet baby turning TWO! For the last 6 plus months Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been his favorite obsession, so naturally I spent the last few months pinning and planning all things Mickey and friends for a Brayden’s Clubhouse theme party. Continue reading


Quick DIY Kitchen Table Upgrade for $20

Back when we moved in together four years ago I inherited some not so stylish black dining chairs from my husbands days as a bachelor. Back then we were in an apartment and not buying forever furniture so we just got a small black round table from Pier 1 to go with the chairs we already had. We didn’t really have a good space for it in the last house, but I refuse to give up perfectly good furniture, so we stored it in our garage for two years. Fast forward to today we have a new house where we can use the extra kitchen table and I decided the table and chairs aren’t all that bad, they could really just use a face lift and simply finding some fabric and reupholstering the chairs will go a long way. Continue reading

DIY Name Sign

Photo Oct 05, 12 15 33 PMWalking around in the mountains I’ve noticed that most of the homes have family signs with their last names, and I decided we had to have one for our new house too! I spent a lot of time looking online but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided why not another DIY project! Off to Michaels we went again… Continue reading

DIY Burlap Fall Pillows

I for one am SO excited for fall! If you know me, you know that I have typically been more of a summer girl who gets depressed by the thought of rain; something has changed this year though. Maybe it’s a mix of being a mom to a 1 year old and being so excited to experience all the holidays with him, the anticipation of decorating our new house, hosting some fun holiday parties, and looking forward to escaping to my family’s cottage in the mountains for some extra cold and hopefully snowy days! Oh and of course I cant wait to wear all my cute sweaters and boots again! Continue reading