Always Choosing Happy 

Anxiety and depression are two words I have become very familiar with over the years. In college, almost out of nowhere, I started having terrible anxiety and I felt like it would start up for no reason. Looking back there were stressors that probably provoked some of it, but I think that mostly it was random. Somewhere along the way that anxiety turned into depression. Continue reading


Sleep Training: From terrible sleeper to sleeping through the night

“Bode is the worst sleeper ever”, or “Bode hates sleep” were things I used to say every day, usually in a bad mood because I was so so tired. It’s true, for the last 9 1/2 months sleep has been such a struggle and I would have been lucky to get 5 (very interrupted) hours a night (not even exaggerating) I have been one tired mama! Continue reading

A Letter To My Mom & Dad

Sitting with my babies I think about my own mom and dad a lot. All the fun times we’ve had, and the love and wisdom they’ve shared. In fact as I write this letter we are in the mountains spending a family weekend together at the lake house. Dad and I made dinner and we have all just finished reminiscing about when we were little, listening to old music, and dancing around the kitchen with my kids.  Continue reading

He’s a Wild 1!

How our son is already 1 just blows my mind! I’m actually a few months late writing this post, but better late than never (he’s 16 months now). I spent months planning this party, after all, your first baby turning 1 is a huge celebration. We love books, and growing up my brother and I always loved Where The Wild Things Are, and since Brayden was Max for Halloween, that’s what we decided should be our theme. Our theme was Braydens Wild One. Continue reading