Dream Kitchen Renovation

When we were putting in an offer on our house one of our big conversations was, if we get it we have to do something about the awful kitchen. Continue reading


Quick DIY Kitchen Table Upgrade for $20

Back when we moved in together four years ago I inherited some not so stylish black dining chairs from my husbands days as a bachelor. Back then we were in an apartment and not buying forever furniture so we just got a small black round table from Pier 1 to go with the chairs we already had. We didn’t really have a good space for it in the last house, but I refuse to give up perfectly good furniture, so we stored it in our garage for two years. Fast forward to today we have a new house where we can use the extra kitchen table and I decided the table and chairs aren’t all that bad, they could really just use a face lift and simply finding some fabric and reupholstering the chairs will go a long way. Continue reading