our little firecracker is turning 1!

Dear Bode,

We made it! This past year feels like it has flown by and now you are 1!

It has been an adventure, exhausting, hard sometimes, but mostly it has been so much fun. Fun to see you go from a little baby to a toddler with a bit of attitude and a huge personality, and to see you and your big brother becoming best friends.

I think back on these 12 months that we have had together and we have been through so much already. I am so grateful how we bonded so quickly, and that I was able to nurse you for almost a year. It was a dream and a goal of mine, I never knew how hard it would be, but we made it through and I will always treasure that special time we had together. We may have bonded a little extra because you were the worst sleeper ever (!!) which means that we spent just about every hour of the day & night right next to each other.

Before your first birthday, we spent your first 4th of July in Lake Arrowhead with family and you and your brother had a blast playing in the lake and watching the fireworks from the boat. It was your last 1st holiday, and it was one to remember!

We spent your birthday at home with family. We went to the beach club during the day and then had a little family party at home. You had a lot of fun, but there is no doubt that cake time was your favorite part! Seeing your little eyes light up when the cake & candles came out was magical, you got your first taste of cake and devoured the whole cupcake in probably less than a minute, and then started screaming for more! Next, we had your big 1st birthday party at Baby Beach in Dana Point, with lots of your family and friends, and you had a great time playing in the ocean for the first time!

Just in time to turn one you started taking steps, got your very first tooth, and have learned so many words. You say baby, bray-bray (Brayden), mama, dada, nana, papa, more, no more, uh-oh… and many more! I can’t believe your birthday has come and gone and you are 1! We all love you so so much and we are beyond blessed that we get to spend forever with you!

Love, Mama


Party Decor

I promised myself I would not go overboard with party planning and decorations this year, just a simple fun beach party, but it turns out that really is not my style! At least I was able to justify all my hours spent crafting by knowing that all the decorations I made can be saved to be our future 4th of July decorations. Its perfect, double use and I can justify keeping (almost) everything once the party is over! Also, a big thank you to my sister, Auntie Kendall, for helping with the hours of burlap painting!




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