Holy Birthday Batman, Brayden is 3!

Our first little guy just turned 3 and it was so much fun!

I will probably say this every year, but 3 really sounds so much older than 2. He is not as much of a baby or a toddler anymore, but a little-big kid. He is super smart, talks up a storm, has such a fun imagination, and is such a sweet big brother. One of the fun big boy activities he got to experience recently was his first time going to the movies, his dad took him to see the new Lego Batman movie. After that he was hooked and we had to have a Batman party!

I always have so much fun planning his parties and making my own decorations, and since the party store didn’t have much Lego Batman decor I had to get creative. I started by picking out the invitation which I found on etsy, and went from there.FullSizeRender-2

I took some inspiration from the invitation and decided to make a fabric banner that looks like the one on top of the invite. I went to Joann’s and got some Batman fabric, and some yellow & black fabric to balance it out. Since we had the party at a park, we bought two tall wooden posts and strung the banner as a photo backdrop. I planned to have balloons on either side, but unfortunately it was one of the windiest days ever in So Cal, and our balloons flew away before the party started.



For my next banner, I started by cutting out batman shapes from black card stock and stringing them together. I also had some yellow scrapbooking paper that had dots on it that looked kind of like legos, and with that I had planned to cut out letters to string ‘Happy 3rd Birthday’. Both of these banners looked kind of plain so I decided to glue the letters on top of the batman shapes and it turned out to be my favorite (and in my opinion) the cutest of all the decorations. Again, because of the wind, I really only have pictures from our at home party and not the park party.


My sister and I made some Batman masks for the kinds to wear in lieu of party hats. We used black felt for the mask, and then bought fabric that had the Batman logo, cut them out and glued them on. I have to giver her all the credit for that part! I was going to cut the logos out of felt, but she found the fabric which made it so much easier! I had also seen some photo booth props on Pinterest so we printed them to use as well.

Every year I have painted a sign from pallet wood, this year I sanded down the one from his Mickey Mouse Party last year (because I have issues letting go, I had kept it) and I painted over it. I now buy the wood signs from Michaels. To also go along with the invitation, I painted it to say ‘Holy Birthday Batman’ and added a yellow banner to fill in some of the empty space. It was cute, but not my favorite I’ve ever done, in my defense this year I had two kids running around (and one who was newly crawling)!


Brayden’s actual birthday fell on a Friday, so he and I and baby Bode spent the day together. We started by getting him a cool new haircut, picking up lunch and going to hang out at his dads office for lunch hour.  It was his first time ever visiting dad at work, and let me tell you, he thought it was pretty cool! We came home and had special mom/Brayden time while brother napped, and then got ready for family to come over. His grandparent, aunt & uncle all came over for dinner; we ate, had cupcakes he had picked from Susie Cakes and of course opened his gifts (many being Batman themed, of course!). He thought the night was amazing, and I’m pretty sure he thought that was it and had no idea he had a big party coming the next day. Look how adorable and surprised he was for his cupcakes! Ugh, I love him!


This year we decided to have his party at a park for the first time, and since we live a few houses down from a really big pretty park we thought it would be perfect. We had planned for a bounce house to be delivered, and set up a big picnic. Unfortunately it ended up being really windy! Most of our decorations blew away, or wouldn’t stay in place, and everything seemed to be going wrong. We were running behind, the bounce house arrived late and the generator didn’t work at first, and then guests arrived early. I am a very anxious person and love to plan, so this of course was hard for me to handle. I finally let it all go and we all had a great time! Once the bounce house got going, the kids loved it and the wind helped keep everyone cool on a day with record high heat.

He was so spoiled with gifts and love, and we couldn’t be more grateful for our friends and family who came out to celebrate our little 3 year old!




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