A Letter To My Mom & Dad

Sitting with my babies I think about my own mom and dad a lot. All the fun times we’ve had, and the love and wisdom they’ve shared. In fact as I write this letter we are in the mountains spending a family weekend together at the lake house. Dad and I made dinner and we have all just finished reminiscing about when we were little, listening to old music, and dancing around the kitchen with my kids. 

I once had a friend say to me she never realized how much a parent loves their kids, and that you will never love your parents as much as you love your own babies or as much as your parents loved you. I have thought about that many times, and I feel differently. The love I have for my babies is incredible and a love I dreamed of for so many years. But mom and dad, I do love you just as much as I love my babies, and probably appreciate you even more now than I ever did before.

You both are so amazing, and basically the best people I’ve ever known. I can remember times growing up and being sad about friends or boys or something silly I’m sure, and one (or both of you) reassuring me that you were not perfect and things would certainly get better. I remember one night in particular, being upset by a boy and thinking I would never find anyone as great as my dad, and my dad coming in to try and cheer me up and telling me how he messed up many times at my age and was far from perfect. Well dad, to me you are perfect. I feel so lucky to not only be your daughter, but to work with you too. I learn so much from you and am so lucky for all the extra time we get to spend together. Not just any father/daughter can work together like we do, but I really look forward to every day I get to and I know how lucky I am to have this relationship with you.

It has been so special to know your love story, and the love you have for each other. You are both so strong, independent, different and amazing in your own ways. Mom, I love how you have modeled for me what a strong woman looks like; and dad, I love that that is something you love about my mom. This helped me to find a husband who would appreciate and embrace my strength and stand beside me in life.

You two are basically the best people I have ever known, and though you may not think so, I want you to know that to me you are perfect. I couldn’t have asked for better parents, or a more ideal life and I wouldn’t change a thing. There may have been tough times but I never felt it. I always felt love, hope and happiness. You have been my best friends, my biggest cheerleaders and are still two of the people I count on most in my life. I look forward to talking to you both every day, and if we go too long without talking, something just doesn’t feel right. I am so proud to have you as my mom and dad. You are both so inspirational and I know that we are lucky to have the close family that you created.



I am so grateful for every sacrifice and experience you have given us and for everything you have taught me. I realize now that the love I have for my babies, and the pain I could feel if anything ever happened to them, are the same feelings I have always had for you. I have learned how to love and be a good mom through you two. I feel like I mess up all the time, but I hope that if I just try my best my boys will love me just as much as I love you.

Being here in the mountains I think back on all the great memories of my childhood, and how fortunate I am to have had those times, and I know my boys will too, thanks in part to you. Even in tough times, I know that you have loved me so much every day, and because of that I am able to be the best mom, and woman that I can be.

Remember always that you are so loved, and that you simply are the best.





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