Dream Kitchen Renovation

When we were putting in an offer on our house one of our big conversations was, if we get it we have to do something about the awful kitchen. It was not only outdated, but it was just so dirty. It had the original 1990’s maple colored cabinets with black and tan almost zebra print looking granite the seller added at the last minute with hopes of increasing their value. Unfortunately that granite was a waste because the cabinets were covered in 20 years of grease and looked like they had never been cleaned.

When we moved in I tried desperately to clean them, but the grease wouldn’t come off and when I opened the cabinets the shelves were completely black from dirt and dust. Eww! Right then we called and confirmed our order for the new kitchen.

First I met with a rep from Home Depot about refacing the cabinets, but after they no showed for two appointments, they quoted $12,000 without countertops. That was out of budget and really unreasonable for our small kitchen. We ended up going with the company who also installed our wood floors and they were all in under Home Depot’s quote.

2015-11-15 20.48.32
Kitchen: Before

I always wanted an all white kitchen with shaker style cabinets and quartz counter tops. It took some convincing, but my husband agreed. After comparing cabinet styles we decided against the traditional shaker style and went with these doors that had more design and I thought look a little more high end. For countertops we went with the white quartz that has some sparkle, and white glass subway tile backsplash that we installed on our own. While working with the designer we changed up the floor plan a bit, added a pull out trash cabinet, slow closing doors and extended the counters to add a breakfast bar. I found these great bar stools at TJMaxx for $40 each. While we were at it we also upgraded all of our appliances to be stainless.

Kitchen: After

As with any renovations, nothing went according to schedule and the one week they estimated for installation turned in to four. It was all worth it in the end and we finally have a beautiful kitchen that I love cooking in.

Is there anything I would change now? I don’t think so! Well, we debate knocking out a few bacsplash tiles to install a water tap over the stove (since we still have yet to grout the tile). The only issue we’ve had that we weren’t prepared for was staining on the quartz counters. I thought they were supposed to be more resilient, but we’ve learned that coffee will stain. Live an learn I guess!



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