Our Family Is Growing!

We are so very excited to announce that our little family is growing, and we are expecting a new little one in July!


We decided this past summer, after watching Brayden play in Virginia Beach for a week with his Little cousin, That we were ready to have another baby and mostly for Brayden to have a sibling. Since we were all in one house it was so fun to see them play together and share their toys while they met for the first time, and even watch the same show together over and over. When we got back home we just realized how important it was to us for him to have a friend like that all the time.

After a few seemingly long months, we finally saw that little plus sign and have been overjoyed since. We’re now into the second trimester so I am starting to feel better, and I’ve got a bump starting to grow. Although I’m not sure how much a 22 month old understands about all of this, when we ask Brayden where the baby is, he points to my belly and gives it kisses (and sometimes even points to his own belly, apparently he thinks he’s having a baby too!).

Now I am 19 weeks pregnant (almost halfway, yay!) and we are so excited to finally announce that we are having a baby BOY! Brayden is going to love having a little brother and a forever best friend, and we cannot wait to meet our sweet baby boy.

IMG_1782 %5b161091%5d (1)



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