Quick DIY Kitchen Table Upgrade for $20

Back when we moved in together four years ago I inherited some not so stylish black dining chairs from my husbands days as a bachelor. Back then we were in an apartment and not buying forever furniture so we just got a small black round table from Pier 1 to go with the chairs we already had. We didn’t really have a good space for it in the last house, but I refuse to give up perfectly good furniture, so we stored it in our garage for two years. Fast forward to today we have a new house where we can use the extra kitchen table and I decided the table and chairs aren’t all that bad, they could really just use a face lift and simply finding some fabric and reupholstering the chairs will go a long way.

Step 1, finding a fabric that will go with the look of the house and something my husband will agree to. I found some great fabric at Joanns by Nate Berkus with a Navy blue design and knew it would be perfect! My husband did not agree but he decided to let me go with as long as I agreed to change it if it didn’t work out.

Step 2, Removing the seats was really easy and I just cut and lined up the fabric so the pattern would match on each one, then used a staple gun to secure the fabric in place. It was so quick and easy and only cost us $20!

Chairs: Before
Chairs: Before & After

In the end my hubby loves the way they turned out and even admitted I was right on the fabric choice, score!


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