DIY Burlap Fall Pillows

I for one am SO excited for fall! If you know me, you know that I have typically been more of a summer girl who gets depressed by the thought of rain; something has changed this year though. Maybe it’s a mix of being a mom to a 1 year old and being so excited to experience all the holidays with him, the anticipation of decorating our new house, hosting some fun holiday parties, and looking forward to escaping to my family’s cottage in the mountains for some extra cold and hopefully snowy days! Oh and of course I cant wait to wear all my cute sweaters and boots again!

Photo Oct 05, 12 15 57 PM

This is the first year though that I’m really excited to decorate for fall, and I’ve realized we don’t have any decorations! I thought, ok we have to change that, so naturally my sister and I went to one of my favorite stores, Joanns Fabric. They have a ton of cute fall decorations out, but what really caught my eye were these cute burlap pillows that said things like gather, thankful, and happy fall. Unfortunately they were $30 each and for something seasonal I really didn’t want to spend that much.

Lucky for me (and much to my husbands disliking) I had several yards of burlap fabric at home from one of my last projects so I thought I’d try making my own fall pillows. I started by measuring some other pillows I had to determine the right size, and then cut out the burlap leaving about an inch around all sides. Next step was to sew on some ric-rac at the top and bottom as I had seen in the store; I also used some hot glue for the edges. Since I was making one for each of the two chairs on our porch I decided to have them say happy & fall. I used some stencils I had and traced the letters onto the fabric with chalk, and then filled them in with a dark maroon paint.


Once they were dry I went back to the sewing machine, flipped them inside out and sewed around all the edges leaving a gap on about 3 inches on one side. Next I flipped them right side out, and filled them with pillow stuffing from some old pillows we were getting rid of, and then used the sewing machine again I closed up the hole. IMG_4354They’re done! It was super easy and since I already had the fabric it only cost me about $5 for the ric-rac and matching thread.

Photo Oct 05, 12 15 57 PMThere you go, my take on fall pillows on a budget!


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