House Hunting… Again


After the shock of our house selling after only two days on the market, we quickly got out house hunt going. We decided to check out some open houses that weekend just to get an idea of where we wanted to be before we had our agent take us out.

We’ve learned it is super important to figure out what’s most important to you before you go out looking and get distracted.

We decided location was most important to us; we wanted to be closer to our families, in a family friendly neighborhood with parks and amenities, a yard big enough (but not huge) for our dog to play, at least three bedrooms, and something move in ready.

We looked at probably 8 houses that day. Most we pretty much marked off our list quickly. They were either older homes again that needed a lot of work, or they had some upgrades but they really weren’t done to our style, or the

Of course we did find a great house we loved right away, and even though we wanted something move in ready we’ve discovered that’s really not our style. Sure the new house does not need nearly as much work as the last one, but there is still plenty to do. It Is fairly outdated and we want to re-do the floors, paint, removing a wall and maybe even a new kitchen (I can dream)! We found a neighborhood we loved, family friendly with a park a few houses down and community pools, a great school district and most importantly a decent yard and FOUR bedrooms all upstairs (my dream of having a craft room is happening!). We were willing to take on some work and turn this place into our dream home that our family can really grow into. We’ve moved in and are getting settled and ready to take on our next renovations.

Stay tuned for what’s to come, we have big plans for this house and can’t wait to share the progress!




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