He’s a Wild 1!

How our son is already 1 just blows my mind! I’m actually a few months late writing this post, but better late than never (he’s 16 months now). I spent months planning this party, after all, your first baby turning 1 is a huge celebration. We love books, and growing up my brother and I always loved Where The Wild Things Are, and since Brayden was Max for Halloween, that’s what we decided should be our theme. Our theme was Braydens Wild One.


For his wardrobe I ordered two shirts from different shops I found on Instagram. Mitch chose on and I chose the other, we figured being a 1-year-old boy he would get so messy and end up needing to change (we were right)! The one I chose was a black t-shirt that said I’m A Wild One, and Mitch chose a baseball tee that said Stay Wild. We loved them both and I will definitely order from these shops in the future!


We wanted to follow along with the book, and make it a very outdoorsy feel. For decorations I started with a couple signs. We had extra pallets from our grass that we had just installed so I cut them down and painted them with some quotes from the book. Next I made floral crowns for all the girls, and bought gold crowns for the boys to match the one I made for Brayden. I made two dart banners by cutting out pages from an extra copy of the book I found really inexpensive on Amazon, and made another garland from tissue paper. For his smash cake we went with all chocolate, and I made it to look like a tree trunk (an idea I found on Pinterest) and we ordered the big cake from a local bakery.IMG_0177


The party was huge, we had 50 people, about 20 of which were kids. We decided to rent a bounce house to keep them entertained and of course it was a huge hit! We also had a photo booth! My mom is an amazing artist so she painted a scene from the story and we cut out a hold where the kids could put their faces in and take turns being Max. It was such a great idea and the kids loved having their photos taken! Everyone loved it so much I even had a friend ask if she could buy it for a party she was hosting! I was so flattered, but I donated the decorations instead. Unfortunately as much as I would like to, I cannot keep them all.

IMG_2765 IMG_2768 IMG_2767

For gift bags we kept with the theme and said have a wild summer. Each kid got a personalized beach pail and shovel, plastic mason jars, bubbles, chalk and snacks. Brayden was so tired by the end of the party that he fell asleep in my arms while we hung out around the fired pit with family after our guests had gone. Everything went perfectly, that house was definitely made for entertaining, and the party was an amazing send off for our first house!

IMG_0126 IMG_2747

A couple days later on his actual birthday we started celebrating by spending the day as a family in Laguna Beach. Later we had a small party at my parents’ house, with Mitchell’s mom, my brother and both sets of my grandparents who were in town from Florida and Canada to celebrate with us.IMG_2849 IMG_2778 IMG_0428


4 thoughts on “He’s a Wild 1!

  1. Omg! My sons 1st bday is next month and we are Doug the same theme!
    Do you still have the max boards with the head cut out?? I’ve been looking everywhere for those

    You’re party looked amazing!!



    1. Thank you! We sadly do not still have the Max board, it was too big to keep. We made it ourselves though and it was pretty easy! We just bought the board at Lowes, cut out the face and painted around it. Hope you have a fun party!


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