Fullerton Fixer Upper – Time to Sell!

Just as quickly as we fell in love with this house, we realized we would outgrown the small two bedroom home pretty quickly. Not to mention I started a new job and was commuting 45 minutes each way three days a week with a dog and a baby, and that wasn’t going to work for long. Turning this old character house into our dream home changed to fixing it up to flip and sell. We finished up with the (9,000-sqft) lot and finally landscaped. The front yard and courtyard were a mess of dead plants, dirt and a ton of unused space. My manly man husband installed sprinklers all on his own, and laid fresh sod throughout which made a huge difference. Next we built a fire pit in the courtyard with some adirondack chairs to make it a more usable space, and I finished it off by framing the courtyard with pretty pink bougainvillea bushes and vines to add some color. In the backyard we just added morning glory vines to cover up the massive fence (these are seriously the best because they grown so fast!).

Courtyard: Before
Photo Sep 02, 8 26 00 PM
Courtyard: After
Photo Sep 02, 8 47 04 PM
Courtyard: Before
Courtyard: Before
Photo Sep 02, 8 26 09 PM
Courtyard: After
Photo Sep 02, 8 26 14 PM
Courtyard: After

There were a few smaller projects we had to finish in the house still, one being the hall bathroom. This bathroom wasn’t horrible, and we didn’t have the time or budget to do a full remodel, so we gave it more of a facelift. We already had the modern concrete floors so we just painted the walls, doors and trim and added the same 5 1/2 inch baseboards we used throughout the house. The vanity was huge but was covered in old chipped paint so I sanded them down, painted them a bright white and replaced the old mis matched knobs with cute crystal ones.

Guest Bath: Before
Guest Bath: Before
Guest Bath: After
Guest Bath: After

The last thing that was a must to sell was to update our tiny and outdated master bathroom. We thought the bathroom would take only a week; after all it was only about 20 square feet. We were SO wrong! There were so many things that came up that we weren’t expecting, like three layers of drywall behind the shower tiles, the floors being uneven with two different heights and having to pour new leveling cement, and of course a cast iron bathtub. Cast Iron bathtubs are 400-600 lbs, so in our teeny tiny bathroom Mitch had to hit it with an axe to break it into two pieces before we could finally wheel them out on a skateboard. Once the demo was finally done five of our planned seven days were gone. Next came putting it all back together. We started by installing a new tub and decided on extra long white subway tile surround with a modern glass tile accent to make the space appear larger. We also removed the old sliding door and went with a light shower curtain, removing the doors made the small space feel more open. To keep up the modern feel of the concrete floors in the house, we went with wood grain porcelain tile floors and a custom vanity from Home Depot. To finish it off we went with a light grey paint, all chrome finishes, a new light fixture and a glamorous mirror I found at Home Goods for $50. We installed a quick sliding barn door instead of having a door open into the bathroom to make it feel more spacious and we were finally done!

Master Bath: Before (the only picture I could find, Callie was hiding from the vacuum)
Master Bath: During the renovation
Photo Sep 02, 8 26 35 PM
Master Bath: After
Master Bath: After
Master Bath: After (Sliding Door)

We were finally ready to list the house and move on to our next adventure. We put away all the baby toys and staged the house a bit and had some amazing photos taken. We didn’t need much for staging, our realtor just added a couple plants and helped us put away all the tons of baby stuff. We threw a huge party for our sons 1st birthday and started showing the house the next day. To our major surprise, our house sold after only two days on the market for full asking price! After two years in the house and flipping it into a beautiful modern space, we were about to be able to move on and buy our dream home closer to our families.

Better find a new house fast!


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