Fullerton Fixer Upper – The Nursery

It was one of those relaxing days lounging around our backyard we decided we were ready to start expanding our family. Next thing we knew I was super pregnant and we realized the room we were supposed to bring our new baby home to was a total disaster.

The nursery needed the most work of any room in our little house. Again my husband and brother took on all the work themselves, starting with literally tearing the room back to the studs to start from scratch. What a mess! It seems demo never goes exactly as planned, but this time we found a pleasant surprise. While tearing down the front closets and drywall, which was covered in 70 years of horrible wallpaper choices, we found a window!

Nursery Demo

How often do you just find an old window in your walls. Some crazy person decades ago thought it would be a great idea to cover up this big old window in the front of the room, as if they didn’t want to let in any light, crazy. Of course we wanted to keep it and of course being such an old house, we had to replace it with something new, we didn’t think a window opened by weights was practical for a nursery. New windows, drywall all around a new ceiling and a new built in closet, we were finally ready for carpet, after all concrete was not practical for the bedrooms.

refinishing the old dresser

IMG_5576 IMG_5601

After the construction was done I got to put my mommy touch on the room and decorate for my future baby boy. We decided on a neutral grey for the walls and a rustic grey crib and navy bedding from Restoration Hardware. I inherited an antique dresser from my grandfather and thought I could refinish it myself to use as a changing table, I did it but it was not as easy as I thought it would be! We finished up just in time for our little guy to arrive.

braydens room
The Nursery

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