our little firecracker is turning 1!

Dear Bode,

We made it! This past year feels like it has flown by and now you are 1!

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Quick & Easy: 1 Hour Stuffed Peppers

Ok, I love cooking but I don’t really have much time with two kids running around, cooking needs to be quick and easy! This recipe is great for me because it was simple and only took about 10-15 minutes to prep, and then in the oven it went to cook for about 45 minutes while I played with my kiddos! Continue reading

Always Choosing Happy 

Anxiety and depression are two words I have become very familiar with over the years. In college, almost out of nowhere, I started having terrible anxiety and I felt like it would start up for no reason. Looking back there were stressors that probably provoked some of it, but I think that mostly it was random. Somewhere along the way that anxiety turned into depression. Continue reading

A Letter To My Mom & Dad

Sitting with my babies I think about my own mom and dad a lot. All the fun times we’ve had, and the love and wisdom they’ve shared. In fact as I write this letter we are in the mountains spending a family weekend together at the lake house. Dad and I made dinner and we have all just finished reminiscing about when we were little, listening to old music, and dancing around the kitchen with my kids.  Continue reading